Banksy - Napalm - 2005

Banksy - Napalm

Medium : Screenprint on Paper

Date : 2005

Edition : 650

Size : 22 x 30in (56 x 76 cm)

Details : Banksy's Napalm or sometmes called "Can't beet that Feeling" represent an image which connotation is deeply politicial - as often presented in Banksy's work. Here we have a young naked girl in sorrow hand in hand with children's icons Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald. 

The original depiction of that little girl comes from a photograph taken during the VIetnam War. In the latter, we can see a frightened young Vietnamese girl fleeing what was the site of a US Napalm attack (Napalm is a toxic substance derived from gas which use on civil population has been banned by the United Nations in 1980).


Here we have Banksy's depiction of what he sees as  a picture of the manichean  ambivalence of the United States. On one hand, we have iconic symbols of the innocent childhood. On the other, the result of military atrocities commited against similar kids (or civil population) during the Vietnam (as an example). 

Editions :

- 150 Signed

- 500 unsigned


 A total edition of 650 prints, 150 were signed and the remaining 500 were unsigned. There were a further few different Artist Proof colourways released.

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