Roy Lichtenstein Guild Hall East Hampton Landscape Signed Poster 1980

Roy Lichtenstein - Guild Hall East Hampton


Roy Lichtenstein - Guild Hall East Hampton
Medium:  Silkscreen
Année : 1980
Taille : 86,4 x 81,3 cm (34 x 32 in)
Details: Signed and dated on the bottom of the work
Edition: 200
Lichtenstein Landscape;Poster created for the Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, New York. Silk-screen poster done in an edition of 1000. The serigraph measures 32 x 34 inches and is not signed, not numbered. 200 copies were signed below the image and numbered on the top right hand side.
Lichtenstein had a studio in East Hampton, and was always very active in charitable work. Guild Hall was a cultural locus for artists since it opened in 1931. Notable luminaries to exhibit there include: to exhibit, including Willem DeKooning, Larry Rivers and Alfonso Ossorio. This work, commission for Guild Hall in 1980 is an abstracted image of a sand dune. Numbered on verso from the limited edition of 200. Guild Hall Museum: East Hampton, NY.