Banksy, born in 1974, is a stencil artist from Bristol, United Kingdom.
It combines the techniques of graffiti, stencil and the facility to pass messages, which often mix politics, humor and poetry as Ernest Pignon-Ernest and Blek le rat. The Banksy stencils were humorous images, sometimes combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-military, anti-capitalist or anti-system. His characters are often rats, monkeys, policemen, soldiers, children, famous people or the elderly.


Banksy - Donut Strawberry

banksy donuts strawberry

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Banksy - Morons

Banksy Morons Sepia Edition 2006
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Banksy - Napalm

Banksy Napalm (2005)

Banksy - Toxic Mary

Banksy Toxic Mary 2003

Banksy - Donut Chocolate

Banksy Donut Chocolate 2009
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Banksy - Applause

Banksy Applause 2006

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Banksy - Bomb Hugger

Bombe Hugger - Banksy (2003)

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Banksy - CND

Banksy CND (2005)

Banksy - Flying Copper

Flying Copper (2003)

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Banksy Golf Sale (2003)

Banksy Golf Sale (2003)

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